What Herbal Remedies Can I Use To Improve My Energy?

What Herbal Remedies Can I Use To Improve My Energy?

‘Herbs that boost energy are called adaptogens. Adaptogens reduce the energy drain that accompanies intense emotional, mental or physical exertion. Exertion of any form over a sustained period will deplete energy by creating hormonal and sugar imbalances which often present as fatigue, low mood, poor sleep or sugar cravings. Adaptogens balance hormones and blood sugar, helping boost energy.

‘Adaptogenic herbs that improve energy include: Siberian ginseng, which increases stamina and resilience by reducing fatigue from physical exertion; rhodiola rosea – a mood-enhancing herb that increases cognitive energy and concentration by reducing the drain of intense mental activity; schizandra sinensis, a powerful anti-anxiety herb that can help with emotional stress. See your naturopathic herbalist for suitable herbs and lifestyle advice.’

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12 Hours – the sleep debt we Brits clock up each month. Prioritise some shut-eye and watch your energy levels soar.


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Herbalist Leyla Moudden graduated from CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine).

CNM trains students for careers in natural therapies naturopathy-uk.com.

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