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Healthy diet on As he argues in The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves, a refinement to reciprocal altruism started a pattern of enrichment that is still unfolding today: that refinement, which is learned rather than inherited (though the capacity for it is inherited), is called barter, exchange or trade. It has to be learned because the more cooperative a species is within groups, the more hostility there is between groups.82 The benefits of barter are pretty obvious: I exchange something I have that I can obtain or make fairly easily but you cannot for something that you can obtain or make fairly easily but I cannot. As Richard Dawkins, quoted earlier, observed, associations of mutual benefit will evolve if each partner gets more out than he puts in.83 The underlying principle here is what Ridley calls specialization and exchange. This, he argues, is the root of prosperity. Let us now put the pieces of this perspective on human nature together and begin to work out how it can contribute to the enrichment of our lives and, in particular, where yoga fits into that enrichment process. Healthy diet 2016.

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