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Healthy diet tips on The Buddhist experiences the dissolution of all forms of self-construct, the realization that the entire phenomenal world is dependently arisen and the indescribable bliss of the unconditioned nirvana. It is certainly possible that one of these accounts describes the ultimate nature of things and that the others are just inaccurate or incomplete. But since their claims, although similar, are mutually exclusive it is not possible for all of them to be accurate. It is equally possible that all of them are just plain wrong and that some other description corresponds more closely to the actual nature of things than does any of these. It is also equally possible that all of these accounts are accurate descriptions of experiences that were mistakenly accorded objective status. This is the kind of interpretation that would come naturally to most people acquainted with the research on trance states. For the trance researcher the value of such experiences would be assessed not by reference to their truth value (for this would be essentially unknowable) but by reference to their pragmatic value: do they lead to well-being and happiness? There is a further feature of yogic meditation that brings it within the orbit of trance experience, and that is the location of yogic meditation within the broader category of mystical experience and the close parallels between the categories of mystical experience and of trance experience. Healthy diet tips 2016.

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