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Healthy cleansing diet on By the time of Sankara (7th century), theologians in the Vedanta tradition commented not only on the Upanisads and the Brahmasutra but also on the Bhagavad Gita. These three became known collectively as the Triple Foundation (Prasthanatraya) of the Vedanta. The Vedanta theologians interpret the Prasthanatraya on the basis of one fundamental presupposition: that all the teachings contained within it are compatible with each other. Indeed, the Brnhma,sutra itself was composed primarily to demonstrate that despite impressions to the contrary the various Upanisads taught essentially the same doctrine. The task of all post-Badarayana Vedantins was to expand this into a coherent interpretation of the Prasthanatraya as a whole, a task that led to the creation of innovative hermeneutical strategies and, ultimately, to versions of Vedanta that were fundamentally incompatible with each other, e.g. Sankara s monistic (advaita) interpretation, Ramanuja s quasi-monistic (visistadvaita) interpretation and Madhva s dualistic (dvaita) interpretation. Healthy cleansing diet 2016.


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Healthy cleansing diet

Healthy cleansing diet

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