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Healthy balanced diet on 31 Of course not all yogins accepted these ideas. Nevertheless, as Lipner points out, Though the number of Tantric initiates has always been tiny, Tantric ideas have had a pervasive effect on both precept and practice in religious Hinduism.32 The point for us to note is that these sorts of ideas about language often lie behind the explanations of yoga offered by tradition-based teachers. As with traditional Indian psychology, our best current evidence indicates that they are misguided and therefore best abandoned by modern yoga practitioners. If traditional yogic metaphysics provides an inadequate framework within which modern yoga practice can be located and by which it can be informed where then can the modern yogin find one that is adequate? My answer to that question will be based on answers to three others: What kinds of creatures are we? What are the best ways to go about answering this question? In what ways do answers to it provide guidance on how best to organize our lives so that we flourish? I will begin with question 2: what are the best ways to determine what kind of creatures we are? For thousands of years it has been religious leaders, philosophers and poets who have taken the lead in explaining what we are really like, and in general they have tended to claim that there is more to us than meets the eye. We all have our own experiences of the world, both while awake and in dreams. We have memories, imaginings and perceptions. Healthy balanced diet 2016.

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