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Hatha yoga postures on Religion, in his view, is the traditional method employed by cultures to distort reality in a way that is deemed to be benefi-cial by the promotion of meanings and values for example. It succeeds in this because of the brain s capacity for dissociation, the capacity to run different programs at different times and even in parallel.6 Reality distortion is not, however, always beneficial. Individuals and cultures can create negative illusions almost as easily as they can create positive ones. What is more, illusions seem to be more potent when they are given objective status, when they are taken to be realities. This, I would suggest, is exactly what we find when we examine human conceptions of value, meaning and the sacred. In contrast with the long-standing, dominant tradition of moral objectivism in Western ethical philosophy the main thrust of meta-ethical enquiry in the twentieth century has been to establish that moral principles are invented rather than discovered. Hatha yoga postures 2016.

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