Hatha Yoga Poses Sequence

Hatha Yoga Poses Sequence

For as long as I can remember I had been searching for a way to understand myself, and my connection to the world. My journey took me to beautiful places where I met amazing people, and I gathered what 1 considered to be a personal collection of remarkable life experiences. But it was not until 1 came across Balanced View in 2010, when the sense of seeking finally came to an end, and it did because I was shown something about myself that was so incredibly simple 1 couldn’t believe I had never noticed it before.

Balanced View is a worldwide grassroots movement that teaches, in normal everyday language, how to understand the true nature of the mind. What did that mean for me? Basically, getting familiar, and then comfortable, with the fact that my mind is, and always will be, filled with a constant display of thoughts, emotions and experiences. Those thoughts are ceaseless and random, and 1 can never guarantee what is coming next. I could be feeling irritated because my partner hasn’t fixed the bathroom tap one moment, and a then a moment later be wondering what to have for supper.

For most of my life I’d spend my time reacting to the flow of random thoughts like these, spinning off into stories inspired by whatever happened to be passing through, and that would inevitably lead to unnecessary anxiety about something that hadn’t happened yet. Let’s take the example of my partner not fixing the tap. I might create a whole story out of that: Why doesn’t he ever do what he says he will? Is this a reflection of how he truly feels about me? If only he could change his behaviour. What are the implications for our future if he never changes? Can we even stay together?’ All this mental anguish from a little thought inside my mind about my partner not finding the time to fix the tap.

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What Balanced View has taught me is that my mind has a greater capacity than I ever imagined possible. It is a vast sky-like expanse of opening intelligence which houses the knowledge of the universe in a useable way. My mind. I’ve discovered, is my greatest resource, and not just because it can remember things! Instead of focusing-in on each random thought and constantly falling victim to them. I discovered another more empowering option that nobody had ever shown me before. That option is simply to relax my mind whenever I naturally remember.

When I relax my mind my perspective opens up. and I see my thoughts occur because my open intelligence allows me to think them. Open intelligence is what is looking through my eyes, reading these & words, and allowing me to understand their meaning, all at once It’s the one thing about me (and you) that never I,,. changes. Open intelligence is the ability to perceive, to be cognisant, and we all have it, were all included, it is the natural intelligence of the universe.

My thoughts may continue to swirl, but within them I know there is something about me that is completely well and stable, no matter the content. When 1 take a short moment of opening intelligence my view’ naturally widens, and the opinion that was troubling me only a moment ago suddenly loses its grip.

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