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Hatha yoga poses pictures on 3. Madhva s Brahma sampradaya interpreted the non-dual teaching of the Upanisads on the basis of the metaphor of a king and his subjects: the independent (the king) and the dependent (the subjects). In other words, the non-duality is relational rather than ontological. Madhva was more radical than any other Vedantin in his identification of differences and, almost uniquely among Vedantic theologians, drew extensively on Vaisesika ideas. For him, the primary categories are the independent (svatantra) and the dependent (paratantra). God is the only independent. Dependent souls are of four kinds: liberatated (jivottama); those capable of being liberated (muktiyogyas); the eternally transmigrating (nityasamsaris) and those who are eternally damned (tamoyogyas), e. Hatha yoga poses pictures 2016.

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