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Hatha yoga benefits on Yogic experiences are regarded by many scholars as prime examples of mystical experiences, almost paradigmatically so in some cases. They exemplify with unrivalled clarity the classic pattern of mystical activity and experience that is found in many of the world s major religious traditions.

Attention is focused down to a single point and directed inward to produce a deep state of mental tranquillity which is followed by a spontaneous or meditator-initiated acquisition of knowledge about the ultimate nature of things. Not all mystical experiences conform to this pattern, however. Some arise spontaneously. Others produce a transformation of external rather than internal experience. William Stace calls these extravertive mystical experiences. Hatha yoga benefits 2016.

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As a caveat, this meditation might be best to do with someone you know extremely well. You don’t want to creep out your co-workers or anything.

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is one thing, but what if you really are missing out?

I felt this acutely when I had to cancel two vacations in a row at the last minute. On the first day, I got extremely good at feeling sorry for myself. I imagined the smell of sunscreen and getting what I like to call “vacation brain,” which is when every intelligent, high-functioning aspect of myself takes a hike. I become a little stupid, and I love it.

Without the vacation, I was stuck with this mopey version of myself, who was a drag to be around. I decided to dig into my gratitude practice.

When you are missing out, it is important to notice what you aren’t missing. Turn on all five senses and turn off your devices. Even if you are bedridden or house ridden or country ridden, you can challenge yourself to see all the good that is around you.

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