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Hatha yoga at home on What we have here then, is an attempt, which is further developed in the later Vedanta, to combine Vedic and Samkhya teachings (assuming that Samkhya was non-Vedic in origin. See Post 5 for details on the Samkhya system). Note, however, that there is the suggestion that Prajapati creates a material world which is separate from himself and into which he enters (2.6). Lesson 3 introduces the concept of the elemental or individual soul (bhutatman), which is different from the immortal soul. This account is unclear, however, and the exact relation between the two is not well explained. The body is made of the sense faculties (tanmatras) and the great elements (mahabhutas); the bhutatman dwells within it, not knowing the immortal atman (amrtatman = inner self/person antarpurusa). Hatha yoga at home 2016.

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