Hardest Yoga Poses In The World

Hardest Yoga Poses In The World

You do not have coffee stains on your trousers for days on end etc.

• Be clean part 2. Make sure that you take a bath/shower and you do not smell. Wear a deodorant.

• Clean your shoes (guilty!!!). Make sure that your shoes are cleaned regularly and this is an indication that you care.

• Get a haircut. Make sure that your hair looks suitable, under control and smart for your job.

• Repairs are carried out. For example ensure that if one shoelace breaks that you replace both of them with new ones so that they match.

• Facial hair. Make sure that eyebrows look tidy and ear and nose hair is not there. A barber can generally do this for you.

• Aim to be your ideal weight. Get professional advice and take action.

• Do not wear comedy clothes, wear clothes that project a professional image at work. A comedy tie with the family at Christmas is OK but not in the office.

• Smile. Make sure that you do this and make sure that your teeth look good.

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