Hardest Yoga Pose In The World

Hardest Yoga Pose In The World

Maybe it was a self-fulfilling prophecy but I am proud of myself for following through on my decision. I did not hesitate. Six weeks later I was on a jet to Hong Kong and a completely new and exciting life. A difficult person had been the catalyst to changing my life, literally.

The other gem that came out of this episode was that the boss from hell asked me to complete a final account for a client. I did this and emailed it off to the client. The site was a six hour drive from my home. Our relations with the client were excellent and there were other people to answer any queries.

I told my boss that I had emailed the account but not gone to see the client as it was too far for such a task.

For once he did not raise his voice and calmly said “You would have been better to have delivered it personally, you spend too much time in front of the computer and not enough time interacting and building relationships”.

I was shocked by his calm and soft tone. I was also initially perturbed that he could say this as he was a person who seemed to upset everyone he met.

However, as it was one of the few rational and thought provoking things that he said, I took some time to analyse what he had said. I could have shrugged it off and ignored it. But as I thought some more and accepted what he said, he was right. I had not balanced this part of my life. I needed to spend less time looking at the computer and more time being with people and forming relationships.

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