Happy Birthday Yoga Pose

Happy Birthday Yoga Pose

Outside of Foot Midway on the Prominent Bone 5th METATARSAL STYLOID PROCESS Yoga Injuries


• Outside of the foot midway on the prominent bone that is the rear of the 5th metatarsal bone.

• The tendon that prevents ankle sprains and raises the outside of the foot connects in this area. This tendon is the extension of the muscle in the outer leg and also helps the foot at push-off.

• Pain can be anywhere on the bony prominence or just ahead of it.

• If the pain gradually increases in the back portion of the bone, hurts moderately with exercise and does not affect daily walking activity, this condition is usually “insertional tendinitis.” This is the result of the tendon pulling so hard away from the bone. Some people are born with an extra bone at this spot which becomes disturbed. The presence of the bone is a problem only when it becomes aggravated.

• Similar pain in this area that begins with an ankle sprain is also insertional tendinitis, but can involve a tear of the tendon from the bone, sometimes pulling a piece of bone away with the tendon. This can happen with surprisingly little pain, and can heal on its own.

• Pain involving the entire bony prominence or the front portion should be evaluated by a doctor.

• Stronger pain anywhere along the outside middle of the foot should also be analyzed because of the risk of the bone not healing. Stress fractures can progress to true fractures in this area very easily.

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