Hamstring Stretches Exercises for Pulled Hamstring

How to stretch your hamstring First Stretch: Keep your legs stretched out in the front, breath in, keep your hands up. exhale, and as you drop down, reach your toes. If you have pain, bend the knees. Second hamstring stretch: with the aid of a table You will need to stand for this stretching exercise Keep your hands on the table and walk backwards and try to straighten the back, If your spine is kept parallel to the ground the hips and the hamstrings will be stretched Full Hamstring Stretch Cross your legs and gently drop down keeping your spine straight and when you are comfortable, you can drop the back and try to touch the floor or your ankles (or shin). If you practise for a few months, you will be more flexible..

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Leg Workout Yoga Leg Exercises

Start with a wide yoga stance Open the right toes out to the side and bend the knee till it comes inline with the ankle. Open out the left hip Roll the right knee open and allow the opposing hip joint to roll in the opposite direction. So, that you have a nice open hip Inhale while you have the arms out Look forward, stand tall, (helps) the spine For the variation, take the left palm around Use your right hand to guide the fingers on to your inner thigh. Reach through the right palm, dropping the palm inside the right foot and then roll open the right shoulder To add a deeper stretch, reach the right palm underneath and hold on to the finger tips or the hand. To release, come back up and tuck in the right toe open out the left and do the same for the other direction..

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