Guided Relaxation for Women

Namaskar and David at and welcome to an endeavor Yoga for women in this course I’m showing you arson specially for women into menopause straight or having menstrual pain or having irregular or absent periods, if you are currently having periods menstrual periods then please don’t lose handling arsons or inverted positions, if you don’t suffer from any of this problem then please check out the poses from general yoga level 1 level 2 and level 3 home car chanting the sound of sage Patanjali says thus say watch o qaradawi that is whom is the name of the Gordon. And you always start the session or any practices with this giant of the gods you the chant of poem is divided into three chimes the sound of earth with our mouths wide open the sound of food with the lips for shape. And the sound of war with the mouth closed and sound coming from the nose remember each time you take a deep breath in and merge all these three sounds when you are exhaling the acceleration takes place automatically of course so to do the Omkar chanting to sit in ardha Padm Asana.

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But mass. And just so carson’s whatever confidence with seniority look we have the Donna mudra or just keep the palms relaxed then you close the eyes be aware of the body the aware of the breath to chant the first one card to slowly take a deep breath in once again you inhale one more time you inhale just experience the calmness the stillness that this practice gives the immediately prepares your body. And the mind for the yoga session that we’ll be doing then you rub your palms generate the heat the energy in your arms keep them on your eyes then drop the palms down and slowly open this is how you start each and every session you.

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