Guided Object Meditation Mindfulness into No Mind

Welcome to their own yoga everryone today we’ll practice object meditation please go ahead and make your screen fullscreen and simply observe see what you’re looking at an object meditation we look we see we are mindful of the image of whatever we are present with however we do not let it go beyond our sense organs meaning we see the image we see the movement the flow.

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But try to just let it be they’re not adding any story or any adjective or any description to whatever you’re seeing, if you do find yourself having that little bit of schizophrenic talking to yourself moment don’t worry about it it’s okay just return over and over just watch allowing yourself to soften your gaze. So that as you watch the flow the movement there’s a sense of ease in the body there’s a sense of dissolving of letting go though you are focused and mindful at one point allow yourself to soften to really come to the place you are doing nothing while you are reading and slowly slowly allowing the watcher disappear no more doing rather be stay with the image softness Surrender be only now more we dissolve the more we allow ourself to surrender into just being. And just seeing eventually it is not even mindfulness practice or really dropping the mind altogether.

So that you can connect be one with your experience that is the true yoga the oneness beyond our separating mind the oneness simply being with all that there is as you practice this make sure you’re practicing from a place of love and compassion please be kind to yourself when you notice that your mind’s rifted away and simply return to the object to the present to just be keep practicing over and over again. And then take this out into the world and practice being present with your eating with anything that you’re doing you’re walking you’re talking and. So that over time this simply becomes part of who you are thank you all so much for your practice for reading for being here with me leave me your thoughts below how was this experience for you what is your favorite meditation do you prefer object guided maybe the simple Zen meditation just following the breath let me know it like and do share this with others as this can really help many people love you and hope to see you again soon.

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