Guided Cleansing To clean your Stomach

Namaskar and they’d be that and welcome to an in the world shut Korea’s shed Korea’s a shut Karma’s are popularly known as Korea’s these Korea’s help you to balance at Rideau shares the cuff up wat and picked up here you use wind that is a water friction and various other things to clean the body internally woman at ho t woman is to vomit and ho t is cleansing the stomach in this Korea the purposefully vomiting to clean your stomach this helps you to reduce the acidity the acidity is itself as a big problem. But it also gives rise a lot of other problems like headache skin rashes it is also believed that pimples mouth ulcer are also caused due to excess of acidity in your stomach so now to do this Kriya you require luke warm saline water in about one liter of water you add about 1 tablespoon of common salt now depending on.

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What you can absorb you can vary the quantity of salt more or less whatever you feel better then you will be drinking about 4 to 5 glasses or even move of the sloop warm saline water the quantity of water depends on your capacity some people feel full after 3 or 4 glasses some people may require more glasses. So you drink as much as you can now after drinking the water up according to your capacity you bend slightly forward take the tongue out use the three fingers and tickle your root of the tongue. So that you feel the vomiting sensation once you feel vomiting sensation let all the water which you have taken let it come out this water which is coming out is bringing along with it lot of acid from the stomach also undigested food particles, if any which is not so good for your health. So you keep on doing this the tickling of the tongue till you feel that the whole water has come out once you have done just clean them out the napkin or with the water. And this relax the water has got with it lot of acid from the stomach. And you immediately feel that relaxed stomach and relaxed body you can do this practice once a week or once in two week and not more than that you.

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