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Grounding Affirmations Practice

An appropriate affirmation may be used if you feel out of touch. “Every day in every way I am becoming happier and happier. Every day in every way my body is becoming healthier and healthier. Every day in every way my mind is becoming steadier and steadier. Every day in every way my mind is becoming more and more illuminated. ”9

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There is so much attention to physical appearance right now. It’s amazing how a whole industry is built upon our so-called “looks.” You can buy expensive memberships and custom-made health supplements, and if none of this helps, they can sure offer you weight-loss surgery or muscle implants. Growing up, the only daily exercise we really did was walking. On the weekends, we spent a lot of time outside in nature, either hiking the surrounding mountains or playing and swimming in the surrounding lakes. There were hardly any gyms in my hometown. If you came across one, the only people you saw lifting weights were professionally committed to the fitness industry. Nowadays, it is quite the opposite. I know many people who manage two workout classes before their day job, then maybe one more after work. Plus, they juggle their kids around and try to eat healthy, all to look like somebody on a magazine cover. Don’t get me wrong; I do believe that a healthy body is important. If we aren’t concerned with our physical bodies, we’ll never be concerned with our state of mind. If we aren’t concerned with our state of mind, we’ll never become concerned with our thoughts. If we aren’t concerned with our thoughts, we’ll never be concerned with what lies within. And what we find within is so much more than what lies outside. We gather all our senses that are extended towards the outer world and turn them within. The outer eyes become the inner eyes and explore every tiny shift inside: the temperature of the body, the quality of the breath, the rate of the heartbeat, tension or relaxation throughout the body. The outer ears become inner ears and start observing the sound of the breath, the sound of the heartbeat, and the true sound of our beautiful minds. The closer we look inwards, the more we find unconditional love, kindness, deep trust, understanding, and inner beauty. We become very gentle to ourselves and let the body and mind be who they really want to be. Not pressured by magazines, belittling advertisements, or society.

I love and accept myself unconditionally right now.

This is centering: moving from seeing and hearing with our outer senses to observing and listening with the inner eyes and ears. It’s moving from a reactive state to a place of calmness. It’s moving from a place of exhaustion to a place of rejuvenation. It’s moving from being scattered to being focused or centered. Unfortunately, many of us are very disconnected from our true nature. We are often overwhelmed, stressed out, not willing to change or afraid of change, and judging ourselves and others. We don’t trust ourselves and mistake a better job, a better car, more money for what would put our hearts and minds at ease. The outside world doesn’t have what our hearts and minds truly desire. We find all the treasures in our inner world.

There are three types of centers we refer to while centering.

The first one is the “physical center”, often referred to as the “golden stove.” It’s considered a major powerhouse for storing our vitality. It’s located in the lower belly area, right below the navel. It’s similar to our sacral or pelvic chakra. If we tend to take in information via our five senses, we favor the physical center. Returning to this center entails bringing our awareness to our bodily sensations. The second center is “the emotional center”. It’s located right in the chest area behind the breastbone. It’s associated with love, kindness, and compassion and with the health of our internal organs, especially the heart, lungs, and thymus gland. The emotional center is similar to the heart chakra. If we tend to interpret experience through our emotions, we favor the emotional center. Returning to this center means connecting to your present moment feelings, centering your awareness in your chest area. We tend to mostly use the third center, which is our “mental center”. The mental center is located in the brain region. It’s associated with our pineal gland, intuition, and higher consciousness. This center is similar to our third eye chakra. If we evaluate the world through our thoughts and mental models, we favor the mental center. Returning to this center means quieting our mental chatter and emptying the mind.

Experiment with the following centering techniques. You may keep practicing them until you get a sense of which technique suits you most days or which technique may be of help in certain situations.

The first practice is a Body Scan technique which helps you reconnect with the “golden stove.” When we do a body scan, we bring our attention to each and every body part. We aren’t here to relax but to experience different body sensations. The body senses rather than thinks; so, by allowing body sensations to be felt, we can fully live our physical form. Living from our bodies, we become more centered and grounded.

Grounding Your Energy Super Charged Affirmations Photo Gallery

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