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Great yoga poses on Not until the period of the later prose Upanisads and the great epic, the Mahabharata, do we find specific references to the existence of a school designated as Samkhya. Larson suggests that the first recorded mention of Samkhya in the literature of India is to be found in the Svetasvatara Upanisad, SU 6.13.1. In fact, the reference is to Samkhya-Yoga, the common term employed in the Mahabharata to denote the system of Kapila. Moreover, the claim itself is controversial since the date of the Svetasvatara is actually a matter of some dispute. Hume s chronology of the Upanisads follows Deussen s with regard to all the principal Upanisads except the Svetasvatara, which he places in Deussen s third group along with the Prasna, the Maitrd and the Mandukya. Great yoga poses 2016.

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