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Hi there this is Jenna right now so excited to have you here today to really welcome and gratitude into your life and into your heart and into your spirit so wherever you are try to find the little space of quiet maybe light a candle and find your way to a comfortable seat. So, if you’re sitting on the floor maybe that means sitting up on something maybe it’s a block or a pillow even the blanket will do just. So that you’re able to sit comfortably. And you’re not agitated by your seat once you’re there feel yourself grounding into the earth feel the earth supporting you feel it underneath of your feet underneath of your seat feel the sides of your body growing nice and long bill your shoulders relax down your back bill your neck long and elegant. And your head floating up nice and easy to the sky you haven’t done so yet gently letter your eyes shut I’m gettings take a few nice full breaths in through your nose exhaling out slowly through your nose he inhaling exhaling over the course of the next few moments.

I’ll be bringing your awareness to things in your life that you are thankful for. So just allow gratitude the chance to come up naturally. And when it does come up just let yourself sink into that feeling really surrendering to it noticing how it feels in your body and how your energy feels is of that very powerful effects when it comes to the universe. And the vibration that you’re sending out into the world so really feeling those emotions and also, if it doesn’t come up that’s completely okay there’s no need to try to force yourself to feel it just surrender completely to your heart and not your head so bringing the awareness to your heart allow yourself a moment to acknowledge it to be aware of it beating and pulsing feeling with love and compassion and peace.

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And then flowing that back out being grateful for the feeding pulse of your heart gives you life and sustains you bringing your attention back to your breath feeling the breath at the tip of your nose feeling it as you exhale and acknowledging the fact that each of these breaths gives you life when you your awareness to your eyes your beautiful eyes that let you see color phases smiles nature the sunrise. And the sunset the rainbow the moon. And the stars your beautiful self in the mirror bringing your awareness to your ears your ears that be men sound music and laughter. And the voices of those you love the silence and all the beautiful sounds of life bring your awareness to your nose your nose that smells the ocean breeze the aroma of sweet perfume the flowers the trees freshly cut grass the wafting smells that come from the kitchen and cupcakes in the oven bring your awareness to your lips. And now that tastes and savers and nourishes and kisses and speaks and that whispers and sings bring your awareness to your hands that hold and touch and caress and open and close and applaud and squeeze the arms and shoulders that carry and hug.

And lift and stretch bringing your awareness to your feet your toes the gifts to wiggle them to transport you to walk run dangle dance kick fold leaf and point and what about your tears your sorrows. And the strength that you seem to be able to muster to me get through each day bring your awareness to your abundance your expansion your evolution you’re shifting perspectives the affluence and flow and empathy and love and light. And your ability to see growth and potential in every moment now just breathe and feel more grace and ease. And now experience the warmth love and compassion that gratitude brings into your heart drift your awareness to nurturing relationships in your life the new ones. And the older ones be aware of material things that came to you unexpectedly and things that flow to you with great effort and commitment and hard work think of love in your life. And your connection to those things that are sweet and loving and honorable. And just feel right when we no longer take life for granted we become grateful for everything that we have just breathe and feel this flow when you’re ready start to gently open your eyes just a little bit seeing the first thing that comes to your eyes and really observing that slowly start to lick your game a little bit more eventually bringing your hands to prayer at your heart one final gesture of gratitude taking the high school inhale and reach your arms up overhead facing the palms together in Anjali mudra and for the crown of your head taking in the beautiful sight in front of you whatever that might be inhale exhale your hands to prayer at your heart once again the light within the honors the light inside of you namaste of a blessed blessed day, if you like this post please subscribe to my blog for posts just like this always posting meditations and yoga practices and I would love to have you practice with me thank you so much have a wonderful day and I will see you in another post you.

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