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Good yoga stretches on 16 King Janaka, disciple of Pancasikha, makes a similar distinction between those who claim that knowledge is the only means of emancipation and those, called yatis, who argue that actions are the means.17 In 12.308, Vasistha, too, uses the term yati to denote those Samkhyans who believe in the singularity of purusa, and in 12.351 Vaisampayana goes further, stating boldly that the followers of Samkhya and Yoga do not accept that there is just one purusa in the universe.18 Implicit in such a claim is the argument that those who do accept the singularity of purusa are not followers of Samkhya or Yoga. We may also note that it is the Samkhyans who maintain the plurality of purusas who practise compassion for all creatures. This clearly links them with Kapila, the recognized founder of Samkhya, who, in 12. Good yoga stretches 2016.

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