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Good yoga routines on It is accepted in the Buddhist tradition because the Buddha claimed to have perceived its workings during his experience of enlightenment. Much of yoga philosophy and practice only makes sense if it is understood against the backdrop of the law of karma. In essence, the idea of a law of karma is that the universe is constructed in such a way that all of our actions generate consequences according to their moral character. These consequences are known as the fruit (phala), and the phrase karma-vipaka, the ripening of action, is often used to refer to the experience of the consequences of former actions.

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If this view of the universe is accepted and one reflects on the state of a person at the moment of death, it is obvious that not all of the karmic fruit generated by the person throughout a lifetime will have ripened. Hence, the power of that unripened karmic fruit will pull the entity that generated it back into some condition through which the as-yet-unexperienced fruit can find expression. This is samsara (rebirth or reincarnation, depending on how one understands the nature of the entity that created the fruit in the first place).

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