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Good yoga poses on 8 During the tenth and eleventh centuries the poems of the Nayanmars were brought together in a collection known as the Twelve Tirumurai, which, along with the 28 Saiva-Agamas, form the basis of the Saiva Siddhanta. In addition, the system also recognizes the 14 Saiva Siddhanta sastras as authoritative. Most famous of these texts is the Siva-Jnana-Bodha of Meykantar (13th century). Whilst accepting the division of pati, pasu and pasa, Meykantar emphasizes the unity aspect, thus producing a kind of separation in unity doctrine that bears a marked resemblance to the visistadvaita of Ramanuja. However, unlike Ramanuja, Meykantar does not regard creation as being the play (Hla) of god; rather, it is for the purpose of liberating souls. Like the other main Saiva schools (apart from the Pasupata) they accept 36 categories of existence (tattva), and, prefiguring Caitanya, they distinguish between four levels of devotion (bhakti): Kasmir Saivism There are actually three traditions of Saivism that emerged in Kasmir: the Krama, the Kula and the Pratyabhijna. All teach a monistic ontology. Good yoga poses 2016.

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