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Good yoga moves on The first and oldest of these comprises books (valli) one to three; the second books four to six. The second part may have been composed to supplement the first. FIRST VALL! Naciketas, a young brahman, wins three boons from Yama (king of the dead) because of the obligation he accrues through Naciketas residing at his house for three nights without refreshments (see 1.7, 8). The first boon is straightforward: return to and reconciliation with his father. The second boon picks up on a concern often expressed in the Brahmana literature: that of a falling away from the heavenly world, a re-death (punar mrtyu). The boon guarantees that this will not happen and guarantees immortality to Naciketas a very Vedic aspiration (though, of course, liberation from samsara is not too dissimilar). Good yoga moves 2016.

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