Good Exercises During Pregnancy

Good Exercises During Pregnancy

Thus the Christ serves as the ‘at-one-ing’ point between these triangles bringing atma to manas, monadic to astral and logoic to physical. He is able to do this because he has reached into the highest plane at the Seventh Initiation and is therefore able to transmit this energy to the lowest.

The Avatar of Synthesis is primarily a First Ray avatar, assisting the Second Ray Christ to establish his Seventh Ray kingdom on Earth thus the three rays of the Synthesis Ashram all come into play. The antahkarana on the cosmic physical plane is completed from the highest to the lowest.

In those three words light, love and power the energies of His three Associates (the great Triangle of Force which stands in power behind Him) are described: the energy of the Buddha: Light, for the light ever comes from the East; the energy of the Spirit of Peace: Love, establishing right human relations; the energy of the Avatar of Synthesis: Power, implementing both light and love. At the centre of this Triangle the Christ took His stand; from that point His Aquarian work began, and it will continue for two thousand five hundred years.87

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Extending this thought of synthesis on to the cosmic planes we must realise that the Solar Logos is similarly engaged in a project to synthesise his lower three vehicles. He is working towards the Third cosmic Initiation and needs to coordinate his three systems and the three lower cosmic planes into one functioning unit.

The Avatar of Synthesis is a cosmic avatar and thus liberated from the two lower cosmic planes.88 The Law of Synthesis is that of the cosmic mental plane, so this Avatar could be said to represent that energy. The Spirit of Peace is along the Second Ray line, so could be said to represent the cosmic astral plane as it is infused with cosmic buddhi; and the Buddha represents the flower of the earlier system and therefore the cosmic physical plane. If we put these Avatars cosmic, solar and human in a triangle, the centre would be taken by the Avatar from Sirius, a cosmic Christ sent to aid in the synthesis of the solar personality or Agni:

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