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Getting started in yoga on this is the way that leads to the destruction of the asavas. As I thus knew and thus perceived, my mind was emancipated from the asava of sensual desire, from the asava of desire for existence, and from the asava of ignorance. And in me emancipated arose the knowledge of my emancipation. I realized that destroyed is rebirth, the religious life has been led, done is what was to be done, there is nought (for me) beyond this world. This was the third knowledge that I gained in the last watch of the night. Ignorance was dispelled, knowledge arose. Getting started in yoga 2016.

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You’ll be able to garden like a warrior some days. Other days you may feel defeated. Yet as a whole, things keep growing, one present moment at a time. Focus on what went right today, whether it was an emerging bud or a thickened stalk or new tomato. Every day, every moment, your plants can teach you what it means to be mindful.

If you’re not a sports fan, you don’t get it. Why the fuss? So a sports team loses … doesn’t this happen every day?

For the fans who own jerseys and plan their weekends around games, they have declared a team as “theirs.” It may be one of the biggest relationships of their lives, and when a person in a relationship suffers, everyone in the relationship suffers.

The next time you get the bad news that the score was not in your favor, use meditation to take a step back.

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