Get Powerful EYES with Simple Yoga Exercises

I’m Oscar I am David Earth welcome to on a yoga yoga technique for your eyes modern amenities like computers televisions are useful for us in various reasons. But have you thought how much harmful they are for your eyes or how much pain they are giving your eyes how much a smog is getting generated which affects your eyes. So these practices will help you to relax the specs number, if you have any or just to keep your health eyes healthy forever drifty sun Challen Drishti is your gaze and sunshine is marching in this practice removing the gaze from right to the left for about two three times. And then up to down.

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So It’s a marching of your eyeballs this practice helps to make your eye muscles flexible it makes your eyeballs flexible so what you do is just sit comfortably keep the face fixed slowly move your eyeballs towards the right side and take your gaze on the right side see that your face is facing straight. And then slowly come back to the center and go on the left side feel the stretch for the eye muscles internally then come back to the center and on the other side then come back to the center. And the left side come back to the center close your eyes this is the first part of crystalline solid of course you can do it for more number of time maintaining each side for longer duration then you open your eyes take the eye paws up.

And then down and I mean up and down then close your eyes feel the exercise for the eyes this is the second part of the Suzanne Challen reign this can be done for longer time maintaining each position for longer duration then you can slowly open your eyes.

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