Get Permission Before Using The Stove


Not confident? Ask for help from an adult.


Keep curtains, dishcloths, oven mitts, paper towels, and other flammable things away from the burner. Tie back your hair if it’s long. Filmy billowy, loose clothes aren’t safe for chefs of any age. Don’t reach across the stove-top.

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Make sure the pot handle isn’t sticking out where you could accidentally topple it.

Don’t allow the phone or TV to distract you. Don’t leave the room when the stove is on.

Steam burns! Use a pot holder or oven mitt to lift the lid from a pot full of hot food. Lift the lid in the direction that’s away from you, away from your face.


Chill with a chilly snack.

Freeze your favorite juice in an ice tray. While you’re at it, slice a couple of bananas in half (the long way), carefully seal them in a sealable plastic bag (squeeze the air out first), and pop ’em in the freezer.

Forget they’re there. You’ve got other things to do than wait for fruit to freeze.

A few hours later, when you’re really hungry, grouchy, and hot… Yay! You’ll remember them! Have an icy banana and add the frozen juice cubes to a glass of bubbly water (seltzer).

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