Get Hot Katrina Kaifs Smile with Yoga

Namaskar I’m David odde and welcome to on in the world Yoga for face this set of practices will help you to do and smoothen the skin of your face with regular practices of these arsons and prawn amps and kriyas will help you to brighten your face and make it look younger it also help you to erase fine lines and wrinkles face exercise to a wonderful exercise to improve the blood flow towards your face your facial muscles become younger you start looking younger.

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Because of this exercise in this practice you’re just sitting normal cross leg position or you can sit on the chair or just do it in standing position you first fill your mouth with air. And then you start moving the air on the right left up down whatever way you want. So you close the eyes fill your mark and start. And then relax you do it for about 10-15 seconds relax for some time. And you can do it once more again fill your mouth relax then immediately feel the workout that your face has got.

Because of this movement then slowly open your eyes. And just feel the difference you can do this practice throughout the day about four five times.

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