General Level 4 Yoga To Tone your Abdomen

Namaskar I’m David that and welcome to Onondaga general yoga level for general ANOVA level 4 is a yoga pose for advanced practitioners you forced to a different forward bending backward bending lateral bending from the level one two and three. And then try out this course soup toe is rasam this is a complimentary awesome the question with Allison always done after that to go in subdivide rosin first sit in with Russell.

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And take both the palms behind then slowly one by one rest the elbows on the ground shift the weight towards one side from the elbows now very slowly sliding one one hand forward up with the hands forward press the shoulders. And the back on the ground breathe here for some time then take put the hands up. And then take the right hand the right palm under the left shoulder the left comp under the right shoulder close your eyes. And just enjoy this arsenal the hand position is in such a way just enjoy this arson is giving a wonderful stretch for the abdominal organs abdominal muscles helps them to get told search for your thighs it will strengthen your ankles. And your knees. But just is getting expanded.

So It will improve the breathing capacity deep breathing. And you feel like coming out you first open your eyes very slowly release the hands then bring them back by the side of your body very slowly take the weight of your body on the elbows one by one or together then take the weight on your palms. And come to watch your Asana. And just feel the effect of this ball this arson on your body question parson stretches the backside of the body where a soup the wedge draws and stretches more to the front side of the body. So that’s why it’s done one after another you.

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