General Level 4 Yoga Advance Hand Stand

Namaskar I’m David that and welcome to an ANOVA general yoga level for general ANOVA level 4 is a yoga pose for advanced practitioners you forced two different forward bending backward bending lateral bending from the level one two and three.

General Level 4 Yoga Advance Hand Stand Photo Gallery

And then try out this course may uracil a wonderful Arsen for your abdominal region improves the health of the abdominal organs and tones the abdominal muscles to avoid this arson you’re sitting with the toes up right on the heels I spread the knees wide you join both the hands the forearms and place the palms between the knees slightly inside now you bend both the hands and bring the elbows closer to the navel on the navel or slightly on the side or in front and rest a crown of forehead on the ground this is polo hands awesome then slowly start taking one one leg back with some distance between the feet this is hula behin sarsen take the legs closer and slowly go up take the head up this is the hands awesome position once you master this position.

Then only you can go from a Rasul by slowly shifting the weight towards the head you can see the toes are getting shifted towards the head side. And then up maintain ask for your capacity, if you see there is wonderful pressure created on the abdominal the hands wearing the weight will help them to get stronger the wrist. And the forearm went in a spare capacity the feel like coming out where he slowly drop the toes down shift the weight towards the toes. And then one by one bring the legs closer those inside those applied and slowly go back and sit on the heels this arson has the capacity of curing any digestive related problem like in digestion acidity constipation and many more let’s try this arson and feel the difference you.

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