Gate Yoga Pose

Gate Yoga Pose

For me, I got married pretty late at the age of 45 and I have now been married for nearly 8 years. My wife and I have grown closer and closer together over these years. We have a degree of understanding of each other that makes our marriage absolutely a joy. It is not just rubbing along with each other, it is wanting to be together, to share each other’s Company, to share and give and give to each other.

Of course, we have had disagreements, we have had arguments, we have acted like children, and we have been through turbulence that most couples go through. But, we are still very much a couple (although in a different way than 8 years ago) and still very much in love with each other.

The turbulence has been what we have needed at those times. Painful as it is for both of us at the time, this is when we learn the most. And we are both committed to each other, devotion. I expect us to be together now forever.

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We will still disagree. We will still argue from time to time too I am sure. But this will only serve to make us stronger.

I come from a family of long marriages, when only death has come to part people. In my immediate family no one has got divorced (from my grandparents, parents and their siblings) and many have had long marriages. My Dad’s parents were married for 42 years before Pop died; my Mum’s parents were married for 41 years before my Gran died; my Uncle (Dad’s brother) was married for 20 years before his wife died; my Aunt (my Dad’s sister) and Uncle have been married for 58 years (still on-going) and my Mum and Dad have been married for 54 years. Therefore I have some experience by familial osmosis!

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