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We tend to get addicted to the apparent truth of the moment. But if we are to begin a real search for truth, we need to find the lasting truths which are not subject to passing trends, static opinions or theories. For the truth endures and has no bias. For example, it is a truth that we become what we think about. Our thoughts govern and shape our behaviour and character over the course of our entire lives – they are what we become.

It is a truth that the more dogmatic our reasoning becomes, the less open we are to what we don’t know. It is a truth that each sequence of a person’s actions in life carries a consequence. It is a truth that we are not meant to know everything that awaits us beyond our earthly lives.

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Life pulsates with truths, in the causes and reasons for what exists. The truth of a rose lies in what caused such beauty and for what purpose. To us a rose may be a beautiful addition to a garden, but for the planet, the air and the bees it is much more. By the same principle, the truth of a person lies in what caused their existence, and in the motives and ways of their response to the life they’ve been granted.

We connect to truth when we realise it. Then it may grow inside us, and we become nourished by the fruit of its wisdoms. These guide us to stay true to what we are and to what gives us life. For

we are designed to seek and know truth, and to let its pathways lead us away from self-deception and into the light of what works.

To seek truth is to venture beyond the facts about anything; for facts are end results, whereas truth lies in what causes those end results.

Whatever a person speaks out loud for example, is an end result, a fact in itself, you hear their words; but the truth lies in their reasons for saying them. So the search for truth is a journey to the core, the cause. It takes us into the natural laws and patterns everywhere in nature; into the deeper truths behind the fact of dawn and dusk, the mystery of birth, the meaning of sleep and dreams, the healing forces in colour.

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