Ganesha Yoga Pose

Ganesha Yoga Pose

Write down your to do list.

Once you have started along these lines of how you are going to overcome your nightmare you can write down your “To Do” list. This will just be a short check list of all the small actions you need to take to overcome your roadblock.

You now have a plan in place on what to do and your mind is no longer inclined to start thinking all sorts of nonsense that is never going to happen.

Sweet Dreams!!!

Eat that Frog First (a title of a book by Brian Tracy)

When you wake up the next day you will have your “To Do” list ready for you to start taking the small actions to get past your roadblock. Which action first?

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If it is not obvious which task you need to tackle first, try the Brian Tracy technique and “Eat that Frog”, which will be the worst most fearful thing that you have to do on the list. Do this first, then after that you will see two things. Firstly the task was not as bad as you thought and secondly everything will be easier after this.

I posted this picture on my Facebook page and made the statement that this woman was having a bad make up day. I was quite proud of myself for making a pithy comment to go with the great photo.

Boy was I soon deflated when someone quickly pointed out that this is not a lady but a man. Dohhh!!!

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