Funny Yoga Pose Names

Funny Yoga Pose Names

However this is what I am grateful for, the joy of being in a team and making new friends. The job is not a pressure one we have plenty of time to complete tasks professionally, which makes a change. I am staying in a nice hotel; I have nice food to eat and drink to drink. The weather is warm and I am in good health. I am so grateful for all of this. I am happy.

And pretty much that is how I always am. I adjust my attitude to suit. Last night I was flying from Doha to Abu Dhabi (only a one hour flight) but the descent became pretty turbulent. At first I was a little frightened and annoyed at the disturbance. But then I looked out of the window at the lights below and the fantastic view that that is. And then I thought about the number of people in the world who have never flown. It got things into perspective and my attitude

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I am a lucky man to be living my life, enjoying a wonderful experience of being on an aeroplane landing into a City full of life and diversity. You too need to show this gratitude too. Change your attitude when you feel upset, angry, annoyed, sad, and pensive whatever the negative emotion is. It is just a signal to change. Once you change your attitude to one of an attitude of gratitude then you will start to look at your working life in a different light and inspiring thoughts will flood in, new exciting ideas for you to make progress.

Enjoy your working life, make the most of it, one day it will be the past. Move on forwards to Working Wow, but also remember to live Working Wow in the moment too.

I am dedicated to this website and I write blog posts, search the internet for material, pictures etc. I write EBooks, I research; I try and make the site work better. I am totally immersed in something that is important to me. I fire off emails, post to my friends on Facebook and Twitter. I am in the computer world a lot of the time. I work during the day, again staring at the screen in Excel and Word. Writing and reading. The computer screen is a big part of my life.

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