Forearm Stand Yoga Pose

He is the enjoyer of all objects, and lives as he does in the hearts of all beings. As has also been Forearm Stand Yoga Pose said in Sruti the revealed texts: That Purufa has been described as the first one and the great I one I who moves Forearm Stand Yoga Pose with speed and grasps latl objectsi despite his being devoid of feet and hands, who sees in the absence of eyes, listens in the absence of ears, and knows objects without his being known by any one else.

Svetliivatara Upanisad 111.191 The meaning of the statement occurring in the verse that though not an agent, the I alone creates the different doctrines, the Siddhanta Agama texts is that although he the supreme Lord is not a direct agent, his presence in the minds of gods, seers, and men as their illuminating wisdom is what is meant by the statement: Aham I amâ-ness alone creates the different doctrines, the Siddlutnta Agama texts. Since the material body, senses, etc.

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