To get the biggest benefit from yourworkout routine, look beyond caloriecount. That’s the message behindpioneering research from Les Mills(, which examineswomen’s hormonal response to BodyPump exercise and reveals that calorieexpenditure isn’t the only measure ofweight loss. ‘A long time ago, wediscovered that Body Pump results ina relatively low calorie expenditure, butchanges in body fat were higher after BodyPump than after classes that were burningloads of calories,’ explains Bryce Hastings,head of research at Les Mills International.

The body’s biochemical response is quitedifferent when resistance trainingcompared to cardio training.’Armed with this knowledge, Les Millsrecently teamed up with AucklandUniversity of Technology in New Zealandto compare cardiovascular exercise doneon a stationary bike to a Body Pumpworkout. The team discovered Body Pumpstimulates a greater production of humangrowth hormone (HGH) compared to itscalorie-matched cardio counterpart. HGHhelps you burn fat and build muscle,helping change your body composition.‘Don’t ditch cardio sessions and high-calorie-burn workouts, but bear in mindother workouts offer different benefits,’says Hastings. To reap the same rewardsas those in the study, sign up to Les MillsOn Demand ( or doa Body Pump workout at your local gym.




Mountain bikes were made for winter, with their fat tyres that increase traction on muddy ground and slower speeds that create less wind chill. If you want to burn off festive blubber by heading off road on two wheels, read our top tips from Red Bull athlete Matt Jones to find out how to boost the fat-burning credentials of your ride.

1. Freeride: Take your feet off the pedals and freeride downhill. This will work your upper-body muscles to keep you balanced. Great for building chest and arm strength.

2. Sprint hard: Bike-based sprint intervals are among the best ways to burn fat. Add some short sprints into your ride to make the most out of your workout.

3. Stay fluid: Cycle in smooth circles by pushing down with the ball of your foot and then pulling through, up and back around. This helps you cycle better, for longer.


It’s the fitness collaboration of the year – Victoria Beckham has announced that she willbe joining forces with sportswear giant Reebok to create the Reebok X Victoria Beckhamcollection. With Reebok having long pushed the boundaries for women’s fitness, the fashiondesigner joins a panel of successful women, including Ariana Grande, Gigi Hadid andTeyana Taylor to work on the project. ‘I’m incredibly excited to embark on this partnershipbuilt on shared values. I’ve always championed instilling confidence in women and Reebokis a brand that has been at the forefront of this message for decades,’ says Beckham ina statement. ‘I have long incorporated sportswear into my wardrobe and daily life, and amthrilled to be coming together with Reebok on such a dynamic proposition.’ You won’tbe able to get hold of the stylish kit just yet – it’s not expected to hit shelves until late2018 – but you can sign up for the latest news at, much?

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