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Fish yoga on standing still on one leg until birds are comfortable resting in the yogin s matted locks.30 The practitioner of such austerities is usually called a muni rather than a yogin and seeks to obtain his magical powers through tapas (tapo-bala) rather than yoga meditation (yoga-bala).31 It is, as Hopkins describes it, Vedic asceticism. The yoga that is associated with Samkhya and regarded as the supreme source of power is primarily the later form, though even that remains quite ascetic in character. The doctrines of Samkhya/ Samkhya-Yoga are presented in terms of three broad variations. The first, which is rarely mentioned, and even then only briefly, offers a teaching that has much in common with what is found in the later Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and the Samkhya Karika of Isvarakrsna: there are two fundamentally different kinds of being: 1) prakrti (the creative), which is the unitary ground of all physical, emotional and mental existence though she is insentient, and 2) purusa (person), of which there are many. Purusa possesses just one defining feature: sentience or awareness. Fish yoga 2016.

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