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Fish pose in yoga on 32 Now he was crossing the polluting sea. In Malaya, he and his cook ate their meals together and he gained a reputation for treating everyone alike.33 Here was a young man who was thinking for himself, and here we see the beginnings of his iconoclastic approach to the spiritual life. It was whilst in Malaya that the young doctor Kuppuswami began reading spiritual books, practising yoga and reflecting on suffering (presented to him every day in the lives of his patients and the local poor). With the aid of a few books, he started to practise the sirsasana (headstand) and other important yoga postures.34 Later, he began to study theosophical writings and the work of Swamis Ram Tirtha and Vivekananda. Eventually, in 1923, he returned to India and, by stages, he made his way northwards to Rishikesh. Fish pose in yoga 2016.

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