First Trimester Yoga Poses

First Trimester Yoga Poses

• For best results, full length orthotics are used, with correction extending to the toes.

• When the pain has been eliminated for a couple of months, the joint can begin to tolerate many things that previously caused pain. Having had one incidence of this injury usually means a person is vulnerable to reinjury.

• Some doctors will often suggest that bunion surgery will only require 6 to 8 weeks before returning to workouts. This is usually not true and it can be harmful to return to exercise before the healing has been completed. It is best to be patient and ease back into workouts when the pain is gone.

• Bunions are not only caused by wearing shoes too small. Genetics are responsible for a significant percentage of cases. Researchers have found bunions in people throughout the world who have never worn shoes.

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• The common sense guidelines apply to these Yoga Injuries. Swelling, redness, inability to stride normally, increasing pain, and pain with daily activity all are reasons to rest.

• Athletes often wait too long to seek help. The pain may be intermittent and not severe, often occurring only during longer workouts. The fear of surgery may also cause a delay in diagnosis. Unfortunately this denial allows a slow progression of changes to the bones and possibly permanent damage to the joint surfaces – when they might have been treated. At this point, the only alternative may be surgery.

• There is a small but real risk of permanent damage by pushing through a single episode of pain. Sometimes the pain begins a few days before an important yoga pose. Realistically it may be worth the risk to attempt the yoga pose but be prepared to drop out if the pain becomes strong.

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