First Trimester Pregnancy Exercise

First Trimester Pregnancy Exercise

There is a mysterious analogy concerned in the manifestation of the three higher principles in man (which may be considered as demonstrating through the perfected Adept, the Bodhisattva) and the three higher principles of the solar Logos as they demonstrate through the major three aspects. They form but one principle showing forth in three ways. So it is with the unmanifested Monad (unmanifested from the standpoint of the lower man). That Monad can at a certain very advanced stage in evolution, and one far beyond that of the Adept have its triple simultaneous manifestation, and show forth as a Master in the three worlds, as a Bodhisattva on His own plane and as the emancipated Dhyani Buddha; yet these Three will be but One…86

At the Third Degree the lower three vehicles are fully integrated and come under synthetic control of the buddhic plane and the ashram. This is why the development of the New Group of World Servers is so important to the Externalisation process for they collectively serve as the outer expression of the body of Christ controlled by the planetary etheric. The Return of the Christ is a ‘demonstration’ of his capacity to control the three worlds not of his own vehicles but of the planet as a whole! Earth’s civilisation will become the body of Christ, integrated with and directed by Christed energies flowing through the planetary etheric.

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The three Temples on the mental, astral and physical planes are in effect ‘solarised’ centres within the planetary personality. All those whose minds are under soul control are part of the Temple of Light. All those whose hearts are open and ‘Christed’ are part of the Temple of Love. What remains is for the demonstration of this Light and Love upon the physical plane through the inauguration of the Temple of Power. This outer Temple is in effect the ‘seed’ of the coming Seventh Ray Aquarian civilisation where the wine (Life more abundant) and the bread (economics) will be shared according to the dictates of the planetary soul. When these Temples are operating synthetically we will have the acquiescence of the planetary personality (polarised in the emotional body) to the planetary soul.

Temple of Light (mental)

Temple of Power (physical)

This lower synthesis is the result of the transmission of energies from a higher triangle representing the monadic triad:

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