Firefly Yoga Pose

In this way the importance of the Yoga of the Self has been asserted. Once the exalted Firefly Yoga Pose adept yogin has achieved this experience of the Self, he does not have to exert himself in any other way.

This has also been Firefly Yoga Pose stated by Lord Krishna: When your intellect crosses the marsh of delusion, then you will attain the feeling of non-attachment lof the highest kind, which is worth knowing and is also well-known.

IYoga Gltii 11. 52 Now when the highest Yoga is attained the universe comprised of the levels beginning with prthvi gross earth up to may a, characterised by the knowledge of discreteness, is integrated in experience with the universe which exists on the level of Yoga Sakti and is characterised by the experience of duality-in-nonduality, and is experienced by the adept such that he recognises his own universal nature which is expressive of his divine Self, thus paving the way for his attaining union with the tambhava level, which is of the nature of infinite illumination and massive bliss.

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