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Hi there welcome today we are going to be finding our confidence through standing poses. So this is all about rooting down into the earth. So that you can grow taller to grow more confidence. And you need to feel confident to stand with confidence in the world. Because the world needs your life people around you need your life. And you’re able to stand confidently in yoga posture or in a strange situation that you may find yourself in an uncomfortable situation and share your own like to share your own voice with confidence you’re going to be able to change the world that way to be able to change the world by sharing your light and that’s what this practice is all about. So let’s get started let’s begin today in a child’s pose so take your knees just about as wide as your mat. And the big toes together to touch I’m gently sit back onto your heels begin to enter fingertips forward note the heart towards your mat melt your forehead towards your mat I like to tent my fingertips sometimes in a child pose like this. Because it allows me to wake up the muscles of my back I feel the sides of my by lengthening I start to breathe a little bit deeper start to expand the breath through the back of the body allow the forehead to relax onto the mat even maybe massage your third eye onto the mat move your head from side to side let’s take five deep breaths here just releasing whatever might be at the forefront of your mind right now I’m just bringing yourself right here. And now onto mat bringing yourself to the present moment let’s take one more deep breath I’m very slowly and gently start to come on to all fours. And your shoulders over your wrists start to set up that strong foundation on. But you’re going to build upon.

So we get to spread all ten fingers wide and really feel the texture of your mat feel the knuckles ceiling down into the mat fingertips feel the crown of the head floating forward towards the front of your mat let’s just gently begin to warm up the spine shift your hips from side to side warm up the sides of the body weights above then come to a neutral place or to drop the belly down cow pose press down to that arch the back cat pose inhale to cow pose exhale to cat two more times inhale drop the belly down exhale press away one more time exhale then return back to that neutral spine let’s begin to tuck our toes under gently lift the hips to the sky downward-facing dog and thoughts start to move around come up high onto the toes press back into the heels sway side to side this should feel pretty amazing excellent let’s flip forward to a plank from the shoulders over the wrists start to press down to the mat feel your arms get nice.

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And strong your core get strong take a deep breath in I lift the hips back to downward facing dog breathing deeply here inhale come forward to that plank position again press down to the earth feel the space between your shoulder blades puffing up towards the sky take a deep breath in come back to downward facing dog excellent you got them deck come high up onto the toes bend the knees and start to walk your hands back towards your feet excellence we’re at the back of our mat just let your body hang loose shake it out shake it out shake it out with the head be this let the arms drag along your mat relaxing the neck and spine this is one of my most favorite things to do especially in the morning letting it go and gently release the hands down to the mat slight bend in the knees slowly roll out up to sand beautiful then let’s do a couple shoulder rolls start to open up the chest bring that shoulders up to the ears drop them down the back then go the opposite way forward nice even just bring them up to the ears and drop them down look em up and drop them down one more time up and yeah feel that weight just float off your shoulder is gonna take a little stroll to the top of our mat nice. So let’s stand inner confidence here so feel yourself rooted into the earth feel this foundation feel yourself supported you know often we lose our confidence.

And we don’t feel supported so then you kind of have to look at yourself and see how am I supporting myself and my life and how am I not supporting my life are there certain habits that you’ve gotten into that don’t support your highest self the best for yourself maybe there’s mental patterns you don’t speak with confidence to yourself you don’t speak with love to yourself so right now feel yourself root down through your feet shoulders broad chest open heart lifting to the sky high your eyes to stay open fully confident confident in who you are in this moment. Because who you are in this moment is amazing. And the world needs to hear your voice even, if the world is just that man of the coffee shop the world is who you wear a coupon day to day basis so share your light share your love stand of confidence in who you are beautiful it’s due to sun salutations to warm up the body before we get into some deeper standing poses. So let’s take a big deep breath in reach your arms up towards the sky exhale to dive over the legs inhale lift your heart exhale plant the palms step back to plank one foot the time lower down knees chest.

And chin come on to the belly for a cobra then pull back downward facing dog take five deep breaths here keep moving around, if that feels good keep waking up the sides of the body we give up the backs of the legs just continue to feel your foundation really noticing the texture of the mat under your hands ceiling down the back whole ceiling down the tops of the fingers take one more breath in come higher to the toes bend the knees look to the hands step your feet there inhale flat back exhale melt forward sweep the arms wide rise up exhale dive right back down over the leg inhale lengthen exhale plant the palms step one foot back than the other lower down knees chest chin cool and downward facing dog make your way back to down dog five deep breaths and through the nose out through the nose one more deep breath exhale come high into the toes bend the knees look to the hand step your feet to your hands inhale lengthen exhale to fold reach the arms wide rise up to stand gather up that confidence and put it to the heart beautiful in the arms reach up exhale fold inhale lift the heart exhale plant the palms step the left foot behind you for a low lunge

So make sure that your right knee is over top of your right ankle we want to protect our knees excellent root down press down for your feet sweep your arms up to the sky who the inner thighs squeezing into the midline lift your chest reach the arms up to the sky and breathe take a deep breath in exhale your arms to cap this arms feel this strength feel this confidence inhale arms go up add some arms to cap this arm reach out exhale cactus one more time sweet battery out and pull it down to the heart take your left elbow hook it onto your right knee you’re starting to feel tired through the legs you can always drop that back knee down for extra support modify as you need to but, if you’re feeling pretty strong and keep that back knee lifted we’ll take one more breath. And then slowly release sweep the arms up I bring the bount affray on the right foot press back to down dog beautiful take two deep breaths here one more deep breath. And then on your next inhale step the left foot forward in between the hands take your time make sure that your foundation is solid knee over top of the ankle are you rooting down into the earth. And then sweep the arms up squeeze the inner thighs and lift through the heart yes take a deep breath in exhale the arms to cactus it’ll be top I feel the cactus inhale exhale one more time reach the arms up gather that energy. And then pull it into the heart yes right now hooks onto the left knee you can stay like this or, if you need to drop the back knee down always modify as you need to take one more breath and fold the arms back to Center sweep them up to the sky. And then bring them down to frame the left foot step the right foot forward to meet the left lengthen the spine to a flat back exhale to fold over the legs sit back into chair pose.

And then you’re sitting in that invisible chair float the arms up do you breath in. And then gently press your way up to stand excellent job relax the shoulders. And the arms alongside the body ah beautiful step the right foot back behind you. So that your right foot the back of the right foot is parallel with the back of your mat left toes face towards the front of your mouth. And then then the left knee warrior two. So these warrior poses weirs are some of the most most confident people all you ever see in movies they know what they want they know what they’re after they know what life is all about they know what they’re all about so stand with that warrior like focus determination and confidence yes take a deep breath in and flip the left palm to the sky start to paint the sky that hand for a peaceful warrior beautiful one more breath and they’ll float back to warrior two beautiful start to straighten the left leg peel the hips shift slightly towards the back of your mat left hand reaches reaches reaches over that left leg for triangle pose place the hand onto the shin or onto the ankle and start to expand expand expand your light.

We’re just shining bright through triangle pose like we are a star we see confidently we are confident. Because we know that we must share our light with the world the world needs our light beautiful take one more deep breath press down through the feet rise up to stand once again bend that left knee warrior to coming back to that sense of determination take one more breath bring your left florham on to your left thigh sort to extend the right fingertips overhead for extended side angle. And this might be an awesome place for you to stay and work, if you want to stay here feel free, if you want to challenge yourself a little bit more bring the right hand to the hip I’m going to grab a block, if you want to use a block feel free otherwise just start to reach your left fingertips out in front of you for the grammar reaching for the ground and take my talk about 6 to 10 inches in front of my foot pressing with confidence off of my right leg to stand on my left.

So all the way is into my left hand my left leg there’s energy through the sole of my right foot I’m just going to float my right hand up to the sky super easily yes take one more deep breath gracefully with confidence bend the standing leg step that foot back behind you flip the left palm peaceful warrior mm foot back to warrior to straighten the left knee turn the feet parallel to face the side of your mat bring the hands to the hips it’ll lift the chest lift lift lift deep breath I begin to fold over the legs you can relax the hands down to the mat, if use a block. And just let the head be heavy one more deep breath so to lift the heart to a flat back. And your hands back to your hips slowly rise back up to stand so your left foot is parallel to the front of your mat turn your right toes to face it back in the mat.

And then that me were your two towards the back of the room. So we’re becoming a balanced warrior focused determine and ballads to both sides of our bodies flip that right palm to the sky peaceful warrior beautiful one more deep breath come back to warrior two focusing on your strengths then straighten the left excuse me right knee triangle pose hips shift towards the back of the room fingertips reach over that right leg place the hand onto the shin or the ankle extend expand gets so expansive you are like a candle in a dark room the second that you’re lit there’s no more darkness there’s no more need to be afraid everything is revealed all truth is revealed when you shine brightly do one more deep breath it’s down through your feet rise up to stand we’re too beautiful one more deep breath. And then bring that right hand to the right side reach the left fingertips overhead extended side angle. And this might be a great place to stay and work, if you work with happy one on the opposite side with me I’m going to grab my block once again left hand comes to my hip start to reach this block out in front of me about six maybe ten inches out in front with confidence I press off of my back leg I launch with my stand away and I press down through my foundation I use my support system to start to grow and shine shine shine shine I just exude confidence from every angle through my toes like fingers through the crown of my head excellent take one more deep breath super gracefully bend your standing leg step back to warrior two flip the right palm peaceful warrior inhale pull back to warrior two straighten the right knee turn the toes parallel once against we’re facing the side our net it’ll ease your hands at the low back start to squeeze your shoulder blades together with the heart straighten the elbows maybe stay right like this or start to fold over your legs and let the head relax opening up the heart releasing tension through the neck tension through the spine beautiful root down through your feet slowly rise up to stand.

And then release the arms bring your hands to your hips bend your knees and hop your feet together beautiful. So let’s finish today with tree pose trees are just amazing obviously so when we standing it’s like a tree we just continue to blossom and blossom blossom the more we root down the more that we’ve lost them more that we gain strength than the more confident that we are. So let’s stand first in Tad Asana Mountain Pose standing tall with such beautiful confidence beautiful grace the grace only found the nature beautiful and relax the jaw relax the face here nature is in no rush to bloom it just blossoms when it’s ready takes its time to root down when the blossoms with such Grace and ease ah when you feel that rooted and grounded sensation start to shift your weight into the left legs you can lift the right toes up off the ground and look in front of you for a single point on the wall or in a painting whatever is in front of you I see a pineapple my kitchen table something that’s not moving gaze of that focus on that let’s start to hug that knee into the chest and that’s standing with broadness through the shoulders pure confidence gently open up the knee to the side and feel that hip crease drop down please just sold the foot either to the inner thigh knee in a calf or use the toes as a kickstand any of those options is great just be wary of the knee so placing the foot where you’d like to go you feel your roots feel the flip pressing into the leg the leg pressing back into the foot float your hands to prayer at your heart. So you have your foundation you’ve got nothing else to worry about feel your core hugging in to the midline and with ease and grace starts blossom sort to grow those beautiful branches to the sky relax the shoulders you can just blossom with ease just like a rose or sunflower your favorite tree maybe even start to lift through the heart just shining your heart forward take one more breath. And then gather all that energy right into the heart beautiful one more deep breath release the knee hugged into the chest.

And then step on that leg you gently shake out your standing leg let’s do the other side shift the weight into the right leg this time already before you even lift up those left toes feel everything get organized nature is so organized so feel your roots grounding feel sides of your waist lengthening in the shoulders relax hug then you gently into the chest lifting through the heart still gaining that confidence. And then they get too gentle you open up the knee to the side drop the hip crease down the back so our hips are either then take that sole of the foot to the inner thigh the inner calf or use the toes as kickstand either one any of those is great be careful of the knee so either above or below the knee excellent feel the foot pressing into the leg the leg pressing back then bring the hands to prayer at the heart find your focal points I’m looking at my pineapple my nut ease in your face and slowly gracefully start to blossom sort to open up to all the possibilities being able for you on the wall when you have confidence when you share your light with the world so many possibilities open up the world needs your light the rule needs your goodness rule needs your talents so share it blossom don’t be afraid to shine live through the heart shine through the heart take one more deep breath. And then gather all that energy into the heart yes and I slowly release the leg company in not step on that let’s check it out beautiful beautiful job let’s take one more Sun Salutation come back to the top of your mat inhale reach the arm up to the sky I shall fold over the legs inhale lift the heart exhale to plant the palms step back to plank lower down knees chest and chin come on to the belly Cobra now let’s pull back to downward facing dog beautiful breathe here. And then gently drop your knees down to the ground on top the toes back into the heels. And then start to walk your hands back to sit on your heel let’s just take a minute and a quiet meditation here I like to sit on a block as I meditate to give my hips and elevation so find yourself a comfortable seat maybe sit on a pillow something the blob close your eyes and let your arms your palms relax face up on your knees.

So that we’re open not only are we receiving. But we’re also giving a door or windows open things can leave out of that window or door things can come in. So we’re open to possibilities we share our goodness I share our light. And we receive goodness and light imagine this give and take right the center of your heart goodness coming in goodness leaving beautiful pure light coming in beautiful light shining out take one mark a Breathitt full deep breath I’m slowly exhaling out blood your hands to prayer at your heart and bow your head to your heart I’m not this mantra finish your practice for the evening I speak with confidence. Because the world needs my light I stand with confidence. Because the world and he needs my goodness and is so thank you so much for sharing your confidence you practice with me today hope you have a wonderful beautiful day ahead, if you have not subscribed to this blog yet make sure that you click Subscribe it’s very simple to do I will leave a link somewhere along here for you to click on. So It’s super easy for you that way you’ll get lots of yoga notifications I can’t wait to practice of you for that many days straight it’s an honor and a privilege and I so look forward to it you.

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