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Find Your Bliss

Try this delicious way to balance your chakras and experience a retreat-like state of calm One of our favourite, most-nurturing breakfast recipes ever (think quinoa, kale, halloumi, avocado and soft-boiled egg sprinkled with coconut flakes, nuts and seeds, mmmm) comes from naturopath and chef Kimberly Parsons’ book The Yoga Kitchen, so we were delighted to discover she has written a sequel.

The Yoga Kitchen Plan (Hardie Grant, £15.99) is a seven-day yoga lifestyle and vegetarian meal plan based on the main chakras of the body – seven wheels of energy located along your spine that can help enhance wellbeing and emotional balance. If you’re not sure what a chakra does, don’t worry, Parsons succinctly explains the meaning of each chakra at the beginning of the book. For example, ‘the root chakra [at the base of your spine] is responsible for your sense of safety and security.’ You’ll find your sacral chakra, meanwhile, below the navel, and it’s connected to your creativity and sexuality.

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For each chakra, Parsons has created a daily programme that includes a chakra-specific body scan, yoga postures, meditations and breathing exercises, along with a relevant task and affirmation. She follows this with the dietary programme, offering a selection of delicious and healthy recipes to bring each chakra into better balance.

For example, when following the throat chakra day, you’ll be reflecting on speaking your truth. Yoga asanas include neck and shoulder openers, plus pranayama (breathing exercises) to help relax your facial muscles and release tension in the chest and throat. You’ll sip on a Spirulina and strawberry truth elixir and nourish yourself with key foods that support your throat – elderberry, manuka honey and echinachea- plus iodine-rich ingredients such as kelp and sunflower seeds.

‘This plan will take you on a personal and spiritual journey as you transition through the chakras each day,’ says Parsons. ‘You’ll nourish your mind, body and soul and delve deeper into a traditional way of yogic eating, following a sattvic (pure food) model that excludes stimulating foods such as eggs, garlic and onion, and foods containing caffeine, as these foods unsettle the mind.’

But there’s no fear you’ll be missing out. You’ll feast on delights such as Beetroot, spinach & goat’s cheese galette, Creamy tarragon, pea & spinach shakshouka and Pick-me-up cacao granola. ‘It is my mission through The Yoga Kitchen Plan to help as many of you as possible reach the same state of blissful calm, clarity and wellness that my guests achieve while on retreat,’ says Parsons. We can’t wait to give it a try!

‘When we eat a pure diet, the food and life force found in these foods bring us physical vJLllCK LLp strength, clarity for our mind, health and longevity.’

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