Feathered Peacock Yoga Pose

Yogarllja’s introduction to verse 59 The mind of an illuminated soul who has Feathered Peacock Yoga Pose established himself in his real Siva-nature through deep contemplation of his essence does not then suffer from any deficiency.

This has been pointed out in the following verse: When by virtue of the store of the gems of supreme wisdom, which are collected in the treasurehouse of the mystic heart, the state of Feathered Peacock Yoga Pose MaheSvara the Great Lord is reached, one realises 1 am all; what misfortune can befall, and to whom? 59 The treasurehouse of the mystic heart is the highest secret revealed by the teacher which provides the highest kind of assurance of reaching the ultimate goal of life.

It may be likened to a unique precious storehouse of the spiritual adept since it is instrumental in the restoration of his latent divinity. When the highest wisdom in the form of the experience of the supreme I-ness dawns in him and expresses itself in the realisation I am all this he becomes Siva with the complete autonomy to express himself in any form he chooses while remaining embodied. When the spiritual adept reaches such an exalted position, how can he be subject to misfortune or misery, or how could anyone else surpass him in acquired glory? Siva is the soul of all objective manifestation.

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