Facial Yoga for Glowing Skin Yoga Therapy

Before start your practice take 1 yoga block now sit in. But Rosanna take a deep breath while I excel stick your tongue out and fix your gaze at her eyes repeated three times and after that relax your facial muscles now be ready for atomic Asanas fun place your palms and knees on the mat tuck your toes inside inhale lift your hips and brace your shoulder key banded your knees makes your your hand should be straight feel the flow of blood into face and keep relaxed your breath from Adama Gershwin Asana.

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Walk on your hands toward your feet for Atanas man very carefully keep uni bended. So that you feel easy to come into this posture next would feel long. And the chest broad stage several breath here come into kneeling position make your hips directly over your knees support your back and inhale and bend your back try to open your chest and keep your spine long while axon sit in bed Rosanna and went forward raise your head on the floor and, if your hair doesn’t reach the floor with ease put a block or blanket underneath the head, if they want to dominate here a be ready for solder stand now lie on the mat with your legs out stretch bring your arms alongside your body palms facing down inhale to raise the hips of the floor bring the arms to your back slowly raise your torso and stay as comfort as possible here try to relax your brain to come out bend your knees to your chest and roll slowly onto your back pushing the elbow lift the chest now drop the head back.

So that the top of the head is on the ground you can feel maximum stretch to your face now now stay several breath here to come out inhale lift the head and relax at the last man thank you for reading you.

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