Facial Yoga For Eyes

Emma Scott I am David Earth welcome to on a yoga yoga technique for your eyes modern amenities like computers televisions are useful for us in various reasons. But have you thought how much harmful they are for your eyes or how much pain they are giving your eyes how much a smog is getting generated which affects your eyes these practices will help you to relax the specs number, if you have any or just to keep your health eyes and live forever semi pedestrian Sammy purr is closed and drifty is to fix the gates. So In this practice you’ll be fixing your gaze on an object which is very close to you you can use a candle you can use the symbol of money home or any other mantra. But the best. And the easiest thing to use is the tongue.

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So you just stretch your hand up at your eye level. And you’re looking at the root of your thumbnail keep your gaze fixed keep the breathing normal this practice will improve the flexibility of your eyeballs. And the eye muscles. And also will help you to reduce the number of your specs once you feel complete of course you can do it for two three five minutes with gradually increasing the practice duration then you close the eyes and slowly drop the hand and feel the exercise that you did for your eyes you can start this practice with one minute duration and take it up to five to ten minutes slowly open your eyes.

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