Extreme Full Body Workout For Back Arms Core and Legs Yoga

Hi my name is Asha.

And I’m a yoga instructor today I’m going to show you a short loca sequence blending a few postures together to work out the whole body. So this focuses on the back on the hips of course strength in the arms the legs. And the core so doing this whole sequence together bring strength to the entire body so come on the mat with me and let’s start we’ll start with three deep breaths to take a deep breath in inhaling the arms up exhale palms to the heart center inhale inhale Oh inhale reach the arms up and back exhale palms down to the ground step the right to the left leg back coming into plank knees chest and chin to the ground inhale up dog and exhale down step the two feet together inhaling the right leg up to the ceiling then that the me is there to open up the hips.

Extreme Full Body Workout For Back Arms Core and Legs Yoga Photo Gallery

So pointing the knee towards the sky scoop to me in underneath the body and drop the foot outside in hailey reaching the left arm opening the chest exhale release the top down take the leg back downward facing dog forward to plank and down on to the other side eat together inhale the left leg up bend at the knee over the hips nice and strong scoop the mid-foot outside of the body inhale drop the palm down take the leg back play knees chest and chin entail and exit and stay in your downward-facing dog for a few breaths. And then drop the knees down that was a really fun secrets to do there’s a lot more of variations we can do bringing in other Asanas. So, if you want to watch more all you have to do is subscribe right down here below to come on and join me on the mat take care till next time.

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