Exercising In Early Pregnancy

Exercising In Early Pregnancy

Group Pranayama or the Shamballic Breath

The purpose of this meditation is the circulation of fire from cosmic etheric levels through the group causal field into the three worlds and back up to the heights.

1. Centre the consciousness in the causal body and form a conscious link with the causal bodies of other group members. Visualise a sphere of fire containing within it the group causal bodies with currents of fire flowing between them.

2. Relate to the central fire or the ‘jewel’ of the group life representing the Master at the centre. This is the point through which the breath of Life flows.

3. First breath. On the inbreath visualise Life streaming in from Shamballa through the jewel into the group field. On the pause hold that Life within the group field. On the outbreath release the energy through the field horizontally on the plane of focus (either the buddhic field through the ashram or the higher manasic field through the egoic groups).

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4. Second breath. Draw the inbreath down once again from Shamballa but include a current from Hierarchy so that there is a blend of Love and Will flowing into the group. On the pause hold this energy within the group field as before but on the outbreath send the energy vertically down through the mental, astral and etheric body of the group to the etheric base chakra.

5. Third breath. Draw the inbreath up from the base, hold it in the group field and then release the outbreath horizontally on the plane of focus as in (3). This mixes the Third Aspect fires with the Second Aspect or solar fires.

6. Fourth breath. Draw the inbreath horizontally through the group field taking in the blend of the lower two fires, pause, and then release the outbreath back up through the jewel to the centre where the Will of God is known.

7. Continue the cycle of four breaths, attempting to raise the centre of focus from causal levels into the triad as the ashramic group centre that is doing the breathing.

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