Exercising For Pregnancy

Exercising For Pregnancy

The demonstration of the invincibility of Spirit opens a channel for the inflow of higher energies and the sacredising of the lower three kingdoms. It is the application of the power of transfiguration and empowers others both through induction and by example.

The Agni yogi is a true warrior of the Spirit and must recognise and overcome his adversary, which involves a battle of wills. We have seen in the ‘Study’ section how the will of the soul meets the will of the planetary Spirit concerning the elemental lives the soul has appropriated for incarnation. The first battle then is the overcoming of the will in the base chakra with the will of the soul via the crown. When a yogi then takes on work in the world he meets with greater and greater degrees of the lower resistance depending upon the project he has undertaken. He therefore takes on the work of defeating the lower will in greater and greater spheres of activity.

He does this by understanding and at-one-ing the two wills so that they are no longer oppositional but so that the lower serves the higher.

To do this his identification with the Spirit aspect as a soul must be greater than his identification with the Matter aspect of the duality, thus overcoming the fear of death.

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